A downloadable game for Windows

A fangame for of DOORS.

It's the summer, you decide to take a road trip through America and end up in Ohio for the night, as you try to find your room in the hotel you're staying at. You realize you may not make it out.

This was made the Lost Cartridges game jam which is 3 days long, This is my first real game jam so I apologize for any bugs and issue that may (and probably will) arise


RetroDoors.zip 25 MB

Development log


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it just shows a guy in a car with music playing like what the heck dude

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when i click play it just shows a person in a car with funky music

i love roblox doors

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I definitely feel I have some things to improve on with this game if I had more time, I'm more used to programming and musical side of game development rather than the graphical side, and I definitely feel like it showed with the issues in resolution I had for the screen and UI being all funky. If I were to do this again I would have researched more about how to pull of the visuals of the gameboy in unity before the game jam rather than just looking at some gameboy games.